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SESSIONS2 welcomes Tuomas Lairila
by: Jouni Väänänen

SESSIONS2 is proud to present Tuomas Lairila, our new photographer!

I'd been watching Tuomas' way to move around the crowd and the artists at a few partys when he asked me if we have a strict "one photographer only"-policy here at SESSIONS2. I was actually delighted by this question as I had already started seriously considering asking him to join our crew.

I've known Tuomas for some time now - he's a nice bloke that seems to get along with people well, is quite polite and considerate with his camera, has good equipment, skills to use them and (first and foremost) is very eager to learn more. I consider myself somewhat of a fan of his attitude and expect he'll be shooting better photos than I ever have in no time at all.

So, warm welcome Tuomas! I'll let him introduce himself now - by the words below and a photoset soon to be published.

Jouni Väänänen
Site manager | SESSIONS2

First time in a real rave was unforgetable. It was Säde-organisations Hard Trance Armageddon back in the days when parties had flyers which were the only way to get you in with your avec. Parties lasted until morning or until the police came. Oh those were the days. Too bad I didn’t have my current equipement back then. The things I would have achieved. But dwelling on the past is not quite my style so I try to live in present time with all it has to offer.

I have always been interested in taking fotos, but I aqquired my first decent camera rather late. Previous experience includes some with basic film SLR-camera and small compact digital camera (Canon Ixus500). I've also had some schooling on the subject, but that was mostly just scratching the surface. Now I’m housing Canon 20D which I have grown into.

So far I’ve taken pictures in few parties, but nothing on a larger scale. I hope that the pictures I’ll post here at in the future will not only be eyecandy for all of you, but also an inspiration for me to keep trying harder at becoming not just moderate sunday photogapher, but good semi-professional one.

I’d like to thank Jone for giving me the chance to display my pictures here and his eagernes to tutor me in times I’ve had doubts and questions. Comments on forthcomming pictures would be appreciated as they help me improve my skills (and bring you better eyecandy ;)

- Tuomas


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