Note; If you're visiting SESSIONS2 for the first time it's important that you read through this disclaimer carefully. The disclaimer contains some very basic information about copyrights and such issues that each of our visitors should be aware of.

Simplified all-around-rule: Do not use any content found from SESSIONS2 without authors approval (details below).

About the site:

SESSIONS2 is © 2004-2012 by the people behing it (Jouni Väänänen and Carl Vuorinen if not otherwise mentioned). We reserve all rights to the layout, design, construction, code, database and other such thing that have something to do with the site. Any unauthorised reproduction is stricly prohibited.

About the content of SESSIONS2:

All content of SESSIONS2 is © 2001-2012 by the authors. Most unauthorised reproduction (including editing and publishing) of the photos is stricly prohibited. If you find a photo of yourself you may certainly use it for your personal and uncommercial purposes (FaceBook, mySpace, personal blog etc). No altering of the image is allowed except resizing. If resizing and the tagline comes unreadable, you are obliged to publish authors information near the photo (Photographers name / SESSIONS2).

We do not copy or "give away" high resolution pictures, except to our clients. If you are in the need of a hi-res version of some picture (f.ex: Dj's, artists), please contact the author of the photo for settling the terms.

Each photo is stamped with a copyright notice including authors name. Removing this notice is a direct violation of our rights. All photos, pictures and logos at this site are binded by these same rules (even if they are tagged or not). Do not alter them unless it is approved by the author.

Commercial use (this includes pretty much everything that isn't mentioned above) of the photos is strictly prohibited if not approved by the author. This includes for example using our photos to promote yourself (dj's, live artists...) or the events you organize.

Essays are © 2004-2012 by Jouni Väänänen. No unauthorized reproduction allowed.

Interviews are © 2004-2012 by SESSIONS2. No unauthorized reproduction allowed.

Articles are © 2004-2012 by their authors, but weÕre not that strict about this one. If you feel like quoting them somewhere, be our guest. We know the authors wonÕt mind.

Any other content you may find is our’s too. A very basic rule is that if you don’t know about your rights to use something from SESSIONS2, ask before you do. That way you save yourself from getting shouted at and us from getting angry for noticing that someone’s been stealing our stuff.

Journalistic Use:

Due to journalistic misuse, we have stopped providing photos for illustrative or journalistic use. Requests in these matters should be addressed to the people your need is about (DJ's, artists, event authors, brands..). If you have hard time finding the right people, we are more than happy to assist!

If you still have questions or proposals about illustrative/journalistic use, you may of course contact us and we might reconsider!

About possible abuse:

1) 1) In case you notice any abuse (even profane comments under the photos etc.) please report it directly to any SESSIONS2-members.

2) In case abuse is noticed or reported to us by other users we will take proper action.

About having fun and enjoying your stay at SESSIONS2:

Now you've been through the serious stuff. Excluding the essays the rest of the site isnÕt even semi-serious. The production team hopes you have fun and enjoy your stay here at SESSIONS2.
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