Photographer: Karo Holmberg

First gallery: 24.02.2006
Latest gallery: 26.09.2014
Years with SESSIONS2: 13
Total Pictures: 8724
Galleries in average: 20/year

YearGigsAVG Pics/gigAVG Delay/gig


DatePartyPicsDelay (days)
26.09.2014Alex Mattson110
16.08.2014Dark River 2014260
20.07.2014Summer Sound Festival 2014 Sunday634
19.07.2014Summer Sound Festival 2014 Saturday985
18.07.2014Summer Sound Festival 2014 Friday1005
28.06.2014Lawatanssit 2014352
08.06.2014Le Bonk Terrace1617
09.05.2014Helsinki House Nights352
02.05.2014SILVR & HHN / Tommy Trash524
20.04.2014Fiilis : We Love Carnival512
14.03.2014Kaivohuone presents: 1996631
08.03.2014Waterland 2014 Saturday1263
07.03.2014Waterland 2014 Friday1184
22.02.2014 Armin Only - Intense1092
08.02.2014Room Service 2014 Starter751
06.12.2013Millennium 15th anniversary773
10.11.2013Tuomas Kauhanen491
21.09.2013The Antidote581
01.09.2013Sour 403
31.08.2013Ruska Open Air50-28
30.08.2013Antti Tuisku841
24.08.2013Rock & Wrestling Rampage901
17.08.2013Neverland 2013 - Saturday1375
16.08.2013Neverland 2013 - Friday1155
09.08.2013Liberty Classic Car Fest781
03.08.2013Bossa (by Karo)681
26.07.2013Summer Sound Festival / Friday1273
13.07.2013Anthema Open Air Festival1092
06.07.2013Helsinki House Nights631
05.07.2013Anthema Open Air PreParty222
05.07.2013Club Terraza222
15.06.2013Bossa - London Edition453
12.04.2013Extravadance cruise2914
31.03.2013Millennium: Sun963
15.03.2013Extravadance Festival 20131106
09.03.2013Wonder Festival Day 21125
08.03.2013Wonder Festival Day 11134
01.03.2013Tivoli presents: Nari & Milani652
23.02.2013Entropy 20v <3 Techmu261
02.02.2013Replay 191
02.02.2013Rinneradio feat DJ Muffler631
05.12.2012Fiilis - We Love Pikkujoulu732
21.11.2012K-System pres. Glow Party583
16.11.2012Techmu Pikkujoulut211
20.10.2012Spacehouse : Electric House241
19.10.2012Techmu 15v471
13.10.2012La Beauté Club512
22.09.2012La Beauté Club691
10.08.2012Darude (K18)615
02.08.2012Assembly 2012 (thursday)1144
29.07.2012Summer Sound Festival 2012 Sunday1635
27.07.2012Summer Sound Festival 2012 Friday1062
13.07.2012Kesäbuja No. 3333
06.07.2012Club Terraza: Kotka? Ibiza? Terraza!2310
28.04.2012Pleasure - Opening504
14.04.2012Whiteout 20121323
07.04.2012Millennium 2012 (by Karo)616
17.03.2012We Like (by Mikko & Karo)933
10.03.2012Pacifique 2012 | Saturday (By Karo)1275
09.03.2012Pacifique 2012 | Friday (By Karo)1555
11.02.2012Monolith Resistor @ Bujashaka [Black]371
10.02.2012Orkidea 20 / Porvoo (by Karo)441
03.02.2012Passion Electrique w/ Marco Lys (by Karo)363
16.12.2011Slam! (by Karo)464
05.12.2011Fiilis : We Love Pikkujoulut (by Karo)351
03.12.2011Passion Electrique (by Karo)370
19.11.2011Orkidea 20 / Turku (by Karo)521
15.10.2011Club Colors / Empire Tour, Jyväskylä (by Karo)632
08.10.2011Passion Electrique (by Karo)542
20.08.2011La Beaute Club /w Spanish House Mafia (by Karo)621
16.07.2011Bujashaka: Kesäloma441
03.07.2011Fiilis (by Karo & Mika Juhani)97
02.07.2011Outo Maa (by Karo)152
21.05.2011Fiilis : We Love Eight /w DJ Orkidea (by Karo)342
20.05.2011La Beaute Club /w Per QX (UK) & Saeed Ali (Rus) (by Karo)433
24.04.2011Toukka 40v + Fiilis Pääsiäinen w/ Rob Wilder (by Karo)643
16.04.2011Labyrinth / Laserpoint : Whiteout 2011 (by Karo)703
05.03.2011Pacifque 2011 saturday (by Karo)1075
04.03.2011Pacifque 2011 Friday (by Karo)1023
06.11.2010Bujashaka 1-vee synttäribileet!274
15.10.2010FADE pres. Paul Jackson (by Karo)232
04.09.2010Spacehouse Presents: Underground Mayhem143
30.07.2010Flowers Of Life Forest Festival1932
30.07.2010Spacehouse at GekkonenStage352
18.07.2010Fiilis On The Beach (by Karo)285
03.07.2010Outo maa (by Karo)221
12.06.2010Hype Club Reunion 2 (by Karo)385
16.05.2010Fiilis : We Love Seven w/ Alfred Azzetto (by Karo)4110
12.05.2010Millennium "Fenix" (By Karo)624
17.04.2010Labyrinth / Laserpoint : Whiteout 2010 (by Karo)893
10.04.2010Robodisco w/ Acid Kings (by Karo)91
04.04.2010Fiilis: We Love Pääsiäinen (by Karo)226
03.04.2010Spacehouse & Bujashaka Easter Madness221
20.03.2010Spacetech: From Oldskool to Newskool (by Karo)121
12.03.2010Bujashaka: Suomi Special221
06.03.2010Pacifique : Luau (by Karo)823
13.02.201000:00 Kiss Time (by Karo)57
12.02.2010wednesday? (by Karo)90
16.01.2010Spacetech presents Nuclear Nightclub (by Karo)91
09.01.2010Robodisco <3 X-Rust (by Karo)141
19.12.2009Colors 10th with Lange (by Karo)201
16.12.2009Darude On Tour / Kotka (by Karo)272
13.12.2009Fiilis : We Love Pikkujoulut (by Karo)350
06.12.2009Colors 10th anniversary Main Event (by Karo)393
03.10.2009Colors 10th with Erick Morillo (by Karo)372
29.09.2009Puuhaphiits birthday event (by karo & Friends)820
26.09.2009Colors 10th anniversary 1/15 with Paul Van Dyk (by Karo)306
16.09.2009Ibiza 2009: Hush (14-16.9. by Karo)1811
15.09.2009Ibiza 2009: Es Paradis69
11.09.2009Ibiza 2009: Eden - Wonderland (by Karo)188
10.09.2009Ibiza 2009: Be @ Space (by Karo)504
05.09.2009Ibiza 2009: Plastik (by Karo)201
31.08.2009Ibiza 2009: Pukka Up -cruise (by Karo)434
18.07.2009Club Terraza @ Kotkan Meripäivät (by Karo)181
04.07.2009Konemetsä 2009 (by Karo)17310
28.06.2009Kouvola House Mafia @ Beach Connection & Fiilis (by Karo)342
16.05.2009Lets get funked with puuhaphiit118
16.05.2009Jean Michel Jarre : In Doors World Tour 2009182
08.05.2009Danceteria Loves France with Chris Kaeser (by Karo)526
18.04.2009Labyrinth // Laserpoint 2009 (By: Karo)669
03.04.2009Danceteria /w Rob Di Stefano & Twisted America (by Karo)443
21.03.2009Salpalinjan Puolustus vol.4 (by Karo)163
13.03.2009DanceteriA loves SWEDEN502
07.03.2009P A C I F I Q U E : L U M I È R E (By: Karo)1073
13.02.2009Spacehouse - Something Wicked This Way Comes181
21.12.2008Fiilis: We Love Joulu (by Karo)281
19.12.2008S|deffect @ Jyväskylä (by Karo)291
07.12.2008Chicago Lounge - Special Pre-Christmas Party (by Karo)197
06.12.2008Millennium 10th Anniversary (By Karo)7410
05.12.2008FINRG 512 - 5th anniversary event (by Karo)584
08.11.2008The Ultimate Sound part III - The End Of Trilogy (by Karo)170 pres. Halloween Hard On! (By Karo)471
18.10.2008House Warming Party (By Karo)151
08.10.2008SASH! on tour! (By Karo)245
07.09.2008Colors Festival 2008, sunday (by Karo & Tuula)768
19.07.2008The Ultimate Sound pt.2 - Second Coming of Energy (by Karo)272
24.05.2008Lighthouse : Kevätkauden päättäjäiset!144
30.04.2008SÅINT pres: John Candy (Pacha St' Petersburg)(by Karo)164
19.04.2008Laserpoint 2008 - emoción (by Karo)717
04.04.2008METAVERSE: Orkidea Album Release Tour, Lti345
23.03.2008Fiilis - We Love Pääsiäinen277
15.03.2008Hype Club Reunion3711
09.02.2008Pacifique 20087110
08.02.2008Club -tf- presents kuulovaurio!?183
02.02.2008Inspiration : Sounds of Summer205
31.12.2007DTM & DANCETERIA Presents The Black Party268
19.12.2007Wednesday? 2007334
16.12.2007JACK - the 4th Birthday Party134
06.12.2007Stuttgart Kickers meets Jon Doe129
05.12.2007FINRG : Hakkapeliitta Tour Main Event319
29.09.2007Club Inspiration253
12.08.2007Afternoon in the Sun 20074116
29.07.2007Chill Out Sunday143
28.07.2007Das Boot II - Lord Of The Flies204
08.04.2007Ten Years of Techmu / Fiilis274
05.04.2007Trance Connection : Easter Bunny Hunt87
24.02.2007Fury - Grande Electronica343
10.02.2007Club Y135
19.01.2007Techmu pres. Konehuone84
12.01.2007Anjunabeats Worldwide Tour263
10.12.2006Fiilis - We Love Joulu275
09.12.2006Club Millennium 8th anniversary aftermatch!205
28.10.2006Choon! The Birthday263
28.08.2006SESSIONS2 goes to IBIZA 20067752
13.08.2006Afternoon in the Sun 20063010
05.08.2006Das Boot164
22.07.2006Kaaospuhallus Music Festival171
15.07.2006Spice Beachparty11178 annual meet122
23.06.2006Svartholman juhannus 2006253
17.06.2006Beach Volley Junior Tour 2006865
05.05.2006RAD 4315
16.04.2006Fiilis & Trance Connection239
15.04.2006Dance Republic279
05.03.2006Pacifique 2006 Afterparty192
04.03.2006Pacifique 20066514
24.02.2006Pacifique 2006 preparty64
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