Photographer: Fredrik Lindblad

First gallery: 03.05.2009
Latest gallery: 09.03.2013
Years with SESSIONS2: 10
Total Pictures: 1738
Galleries in average: 7/year

YearGigsAVG Pics/gigAVG Delay/gig


DatePartyPicsDelay (days)
09.03.2013Wonder Festival Day 2743
08.03.2013Wonder Festival Day 1424
14.07.2012JACK - Danceteria Loveboat afterparty725
12.05.2012JACK is back!4068
05.05.2012WE LIKE - Stefano Noferini840
14.04.2012Whiteout 20121329
05.04.2012SLAM! | Thomas Gold (By Fredrik)426
10.03.2012Pacifique 2012 | Saturday (By Fredrik)182
09.03.2012Pacifique 2012 | Friday (By Fredrik)193
20.08.2011LOVE feat. AEROPLANE (By Fredrik)5633
23.07.2011LOVE feat. SASHA (By Fredrik)6027
03.06.2011Danceteria 6Y Anniversary /w Kim Fai (By Fredrik)5429
16.04.2011Labyrinth / Laserpoint : Whiteout 2011 (By Fredrik)853
08.04.2011Danceteria presents Made in Finland part 3 (By Fredrik)438
04.03.2011Pacifique 2011 Friday (By Fredrik)713
07.01.2011Danceteria Presents Helsinki House Heroes (By Fredrik)3525
05.11.2010Danceteria Presents CR2 Records Night (By Fredrik)4028
08.10.2010Danceteria Presents Mr.A's Big Birthday Bonanza (by Fredrik)497
17.09.2010[reiv:] presents Marco V & Orkidea (by Fredrik)3513
10.09.2010Danceteria Season6 Premiere /w Desyn Masiello (By Fredrik)482
11.06.2010LOVE feat. Eric Prydz (By Fredrik)4441
04.06.2010Danceteria 5Y Anniversary /w King Unique (By Fredrik)2826
07.05.2010Danceteria May with Paolo Mojo (By Fredrik)3954
17.04.2010Labyrinth / Laserpoint : Whiteout 2010 (By Fredrik)815
20.03.2010JACK - Dance Therapy (By Fredrik)2128
12.02.2010CLINIC 2 years anniversary (By Fredrik)393
05.02.2010Danceteria February with David West (By Fredrik)398
04.12.2009Danceteria December with Mark Brown (By Fredrik)4241
21.11.2009JACK - Seventh Birthday Party (By Fredrik)378
14.11.2009Colors 10th with Aly & Fila (by Fredrik)3710
06.11.2009Danceteria November with FERGIE (By Fredrik)3515
24.10.2009Extremely Miscbehaving /w Andy Moor, Ian Ossia (By Fredrik)423
17.10.2009Colors | Ernesto, Bastian & Ronald van Gelderen (by Fredrik)313
16.10.2009Danceteria October with Add2Basket (By Fredrik)373
10.10.2009Colors 10th with Matt Darey, Agnelli & Nelson (by Fredrik)433
18.07.2009JACK - Danceteria Loveboat afterparty 2009261095
03.05.2009Goodgreef & Judgement Sundays @ Club Tall Trees (by Fredrik)18162
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