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Photo usage requests:

HOX! Please read ¡DISCLAIMER! -section first.

Send all photo usage requests straight to the author of the photo in question; except journalistic / illustrative use, please contact the people your need is about (DJ's, artists, event (producers), brands, etc).
Authors name of the photographs and copyrights are tagged in the lower part of the photos.

Email: firstname.lastname@sessions2.com

Booking & official contacts:

Karo Holmberg
  Pn: +358 50 3764666
  Email: firstname.lastname@sessions2.com

Stockroom boy:

Tuomas Lairila
  Pn: +358 50 4695486
  Email: firstname.lastname@sessions2.com
  IRCnet: k-0ne @ #klubitus
  Klubitus.org: k-0ne

Incredible and outstanding panic!
  If everything else fails: +358 40 7021070 (Jouni)
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